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Speaker Series: Continuing Marketing Education Conference

At LMA Virginias, we are very excited about the upcoming Continuing Marketing Education (CME) conference on Friday, October 14. In particular, we couldn’t be more pleased about the crop of speakers we’ve secured; surely the best and brightest in the industry. To prove it, we’ve asked them to participate in a Q&A that reflects certain legal marketing trends and elements of their particular program.

Each week leading up to the CME, we’ll share some insights from our speakers. For more information about the speakers, the conference and how to register, please visit www.lmavirginiascme.com. Enjoy!

Rebecca Edwards, CME Conference Chair

Speaker: Steve Bell, Chief Client Development Officer, Womble Carlyle, Washington DC

Program: Business Development, Digging Deep

We have seen an increase in the importance of business development initiatives with attorneys. What are the key initiatives?

Targeting to ensure that efforts are applied against companies where there is truly a “fit” between the law firm and the potential buyer of legal services.  More sophisticated data analysis based on new tools such as ERM.  Personal branding via social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. 

What has been the biggest shift in legal marketing in the past three years? 
The ascendance of the buyer as “king.”  Buyers of legal services have always been in charge. But now, they know the are, and they are aggressively asserting their control.  One ramification is value pricing and alternative fee arrangements.  Another is law firms’ attention to client service and customer delight. 

What traits make the best legal marketers? 
Different people can be successful.  They will find different ways to approach the same task.  However, no one can succeed in this job who does not have a great deal of patience, intelligence and a need to achieve. 

How can a marketer demonstrate they have moved from one level to the next (from a beginner to a mezzo or a mezzo to a senior)?  
Junior people react and respond.  More senior people anticipate and recommend.  The most senior people see the horizon and ensure that the firm is moving in that direction.

Continuing Marketing Education Conference, October 14

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