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Speaker Series: Continuing Marketing Education – Burkey Belser

Speaker: Burkey Belser

Program: History of Legal Marketing

What is your favorite aspect of being involved with the legal marketing industry?

Love working with intelligent ,enthusiastic quick learners. That’s the upside.

What has been the biggest shift in legal marketing in the past three years?

1) The collapse of marketing as we know it, as firms have gone into economic hibernation, fired CMOs and lost much of what they learned in the past 30 years. Is Legal Marketing Devolving?

2) The rise of business development as an ideology rather than a business tool and companion to marketing. Is Biz Dev Legal Marketing’s Tea Party?

3) The utter (and legitimate) confusion engendered by social media as a marketing tool. Is There a Social Media Panel Worth Attending in America?

4) The failure of the legal industry to embrace “expertise” as a marketing tool.  Why Does Thought Leadership Lead Every Other Professional Service But Ours?

The legal marketing industry continues to grow. What advice would you give new hires entering this market?

Experienced legal marketers can teach you about the culture of law firms and partnership. Huge! Look outside legal marketing for new ideas. Critical!

What do you consider the most remarkable milestone in the history of law firm marketing?

The creation of the Legal Marketing Association without question. Without LMA, there is only chaos.

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