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Speaker Series: Continuing Marketing Education – John Hodder

Speaker: John Hodder, Paul Weiss

Program: What Does it Mean to Me? Increasing your Value as a Legal Marketer

The legal marketing industry continues to grow. What advice would you give new hires entering the market?

Regardless of your experience, understand that the market is unique. Lean on people in the industry, whether at your firm or through LMA, to give you insight into the legal profession, practice areas, your firm or your firm’s competitors.

What traits make the best legal marketers?

People who are internally-motivated, smart, strong-willed and comfortable with shades of grey. They should also be adaptable; ready to adjust their approach to various situations and are totally comfortable with ‘thinking on their feet.’

What has been the biggest shift in legal marketing in the past three years?

The market is highly competitive.  Clients are demanding that law firms change the way they support their clients.

How can a marketer demonstrate they have moved from one level to the next (from a beginner to a mezzo or a mezzo to a senior)?

One way to look at it is related to the conversation they can manage, the knowledge they can impart and the guidance they can provide. To move from a beginner to a mezzo, a marketer should demonstrate insight and be able to build trust with his or her partners. To move from a mezzo to a senior, a marketer needs to demonstrate he or she knows the law firm’s business and can provide sound advice on various marketing matters.

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