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Let’s Get Visual: Why Law Firms Should Pay Attention to Pinterest

So, Pinterest. Talk about a case study in a social platform blowing up overnight! Two weeks ago, the response to hearing about Pinterest might have been “Meh, another social media site; who needs it?” This week, that’s morphed into “Pinterest! How can I get an invite?!”

The reason? Two words: major traffic. Turns out people love to share images and, when those images link back to your website, you can see amazing spikes in traffic. Anecdotally, people are reporting Pinterest-based spikes in traffic that outstrip Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

But I hear you thinking: “We’re a law firm. We don’t do anything that’s visually gripping.”

Well, maybe. If you consider “visually gripping” to be a shot of your empty front desk and your firm’s logo, then, yes, you’re right. But the Internet is rapidly becoming a visual playground, and you’d best get with the program.

To read the complete article, please visit Jaffe PR Blog.

Kevin Aschenbrenner is a Senior Vice President of Public Reputation with Jaffe PR.

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