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Social Media: What Counts?

LMA Virginias Chapter member, Russell Lawson (@Russ23229), is speaking on “Social Media: What Counts?” at the LMA Minnesota Chapter’s March 21 luncheon program. As legal marketers, we encourage our lawyers to get the word out on their work and reputation, the firm’s litany of skills and various features: geography, price, bench strength and industry depth. Increasingly, we are turning their attention to online social media (OSM) as a distribution channel for these data. How do we know if it is working?

Participants in this luncheon will learn by case study and example how to: 1) assess and set social media plan goals, 2) measure participation and reach, and 3) build a feedback channel to evaluate program effectiveness.

Russell Lawson is a law firm marketing director and an experienced practitioner of online social networking and other online strategies. He develops and administers a law firm marketing plan that is focused on online social media, including nine firm blogs, over 70 LinkedIn profiles and dozens of Twitter users. He currently the Chair of the Programs Committee of the LMA Virginias Chapter.

For more information on the program, please visit the Minnesota Chapter’s website at http://www.legalmarketing.org/Chapters/MINNESOTA/EVENTS/tabid/182/Default.aspx?ModID=732&ReferringTabID=99&ArticleID=6370
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