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Seven Steps to Incredible Personal Productivity

At the moment, I’m attempting to distill my to do list into a weekly update for my boss.  It’s not going well.  Why?  Well, the items on the list fall under all sorts of categories:

  • Five Minute Projects
  • All-Encompassing Projects
  • PR-related Projects
  • Tight Deadline Projects
  • Practice Development Projects
  • Been-On-My-To-Do-List-Forever Projects
  • Writing Projects
  • Event Coordination Projects
  • ‘Why Won’t This Attorney Just Call Me Back?’ Projects
  • Attorney Coaching Projects

…and the list goes on.

Legal Marketers know busy.  I’ve always said that one of the best things about my job is that no two days are the same.  But when no two days are the same, how can we plan and maximize our efficiency?

The article “Seven Steps to Incredible Personal Productivity” from Inc. offers solutions on how to maximize productivity that go beyond the typical “don’t check your email for an hour!” and “ignore gChat requests from your friends!” suggestions that I’ve seen before.  Suggestions that stand out to me include:

Start unusually early…or unusually late.  I’ve recently shaken off my “I’m not a morning person” excuse and have started arriving to the office at 7:30 once or twice a week.  The two hours of peace and quiet before everyone else gets started on their to do lists allows me to get serious work  done - uninterrupted.

Don’t stop until it’s done.  With a long and varied to do list, it’s easy to say “I’m going to just put this aside and work on X for a little while.”  Powering through your mental blocks and crossing something off of your list is not only satisfying, but it may give you a new sense of just how much you’re capable of.

Question:  What are YOUR best productivity tips?

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