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How To Make Your Online Marketing Efforts Make Your Firm Money

Disclaimer:  I copied the title of Jay Fleischman’s blog post because he picked the most concise, convincing and direct approach possible.  Why mess with perfection?

In his post on LegalPractice Pro, Jay Fleischman, provides attorneys (and legal marketers) with straightforward advice on monetizing online marketing efforts, some of which are relevant to non-digital marketing efforts as well.  His hints include:

Begin With The End In Mind:  Whether you work in a large firm, small firm, or for a business that provides services to law firms, it is important to remain conscious of the end goal of your work.  Ask yourself and your attorneys: does this Client Alert/blog post/sponsorship fit with our brand?  Are we working within the business plan we’ve set for ourselves?

Light The Way:  Make it easy.  In a business where time is literally money (billed in six-minute increments), taking up as little attorney time as possible is key to showing that you understand their business.  Arrive with final copy, support your suggestions with research, and give them the information that they need from the beginning.  At last year’s Chapter Continuing Marketing Education event, one of the speakers said, “How often do you send your attorneys a link to a story that you think their clients should know about?”  (Often.)  He continued, “What if you sent the link to the story and offered to draft a brief email summarizing the information for their clients?  All they have to do is review and type in the email address.”  Like Fleischman says: light the way.

It’s Your Roadmap.  Stick With It.:  This goes back to “begin with the end in mind”.  Develop a plan for yourself, for your attorneys, for your practices and undertake marketing efforts that support that plan.  Remember that in legal marketing the fastest way there isn’t always a straight line- but that you should never forget your destination.



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