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What CME Taught Me

We can’t play it cool any longer: the Virginias Chapter is really excited about the October 19th Continuing Marketing Education (CME) conference.  We know how great the programming was in 2011, and we know that this year’s program is shaping up to be even more dynamic.   We also know that budgets and time are tight, and that you may be on the fence about attending this year.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring guest posts from past CME attendees describing what they learned and took away from last year’s program.  These testimonials illustrate the diverse, exciting, informed, topical, motivational and creative education that you can expect at this year’s CME.  We hope that our inspiration is contagious and convincing – and that we’ll see you on October 19th!

What CME 2011 Taught MeChristine Barth, Sr. Manager of Marketing and Client Services at Troutman Sanders

I Learned…

…how to set up a Twitter account and use it effectively.

… peer firms are using the sales process to cull target clients and track sales.

… that some firms team marketing/business development personnel with the professional development department to create training curriculums for attorneys.

… every client team should have a devoted marketing/business development person.

… to use the hashtag #LMAMKT for legal marketing tweets.

… there is a clear distinction between personal and professional content on Twitter—and they should not be mixed.

… that the most successful rainmakers have both expertise and relationships.

…how to track social media efforts.

… that video streaming triples your SEO- even with the new panda algorithms launched by Google Analytics.

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