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3-2-1 Content (Marketing)

Almost every time someone mentions content marketing, the theme song from the 1980′s show 3-2-1 Contact pops into my head…with one small change.  The original line  ”Contact is the answer! Is the reason that everything happens! Contact!” morphs into “Content! Is the answer! Is the reason that everything happens! Content!”  (It’s in your head now, too, isn’t it?)

It turns out that I’m not the only one thinking about content these days.  ”Content Marketing” is the number one search term that brings visitors to this site, and it seems that a cottage industry of content managers, advisors and marketers has sprouted overnight.  The team at Brafton, an online news and content agency (and one of my personal favorite web resources), is thinking about content too, recently addressing the topic in a post titled “Top 10 Content Types to Add to Your Website.”  We encourage you to read their entire post, but a few of their suggestions, and how they apply to legal marketing, are outlined below.

  • Video:  At last year’s CME, we learned that video streaming triples your SEO – even with the newish panda algorithms launched by Google Analytics.  Adding to that compelling statistic, Brafton reminds us that Americans watch tens of billions of videos online each year.  Shouldn’t your content be included in that number?
  • Industry and Practice-Focused Glossary Content:  Not only will a glossary of relevant practice/industry terms help your SEO, but it will help keep clients and visitors on your site.  According to Brafton “there are some terms content marketing campaigns use that prospects may need defined – and traffic shouldn’t have to bounce to other sites to learn.  Creating glossary pages that provide definitions of these terms and their relevance to a company’s industry, products and services ensures users stay on a site to find their answers.”  Let’s say I’m visiting your website and need a term defined or a concept explained more clearly…so I Google it.  Which leads me to your competitor’s site.  What do you think the chances are that I’m going to come back to your site after finding my solution elsewhere?
  • Current and Updated Industry-Focused Content:  We hear it over and over again from in-house counsel:  they want their law firm to demonstrate an understanding of the client’s business and industry.  Meanwhile, “more than 60 percent of marketers say updating content is a leading content marketing challenge.”  Brafton suggests writing articles and white papers on current trends as a way to ensure that you and your lawyers always have something new to write about.  In addition to answering the question “but what do I write about?” and helping with SEO, Brafton notes that this approach also helps position a company as a thought leader that stays up to speed on relevant industries.
  • White Papers:  Whether your firm calls them articles, client alerts, think-pieces, white papers or something else, attorney-authored pieces are a great way to demonstrate thought leadership, develop content and help with SEO.”  Sixty-one percent of content marketers have made white papers a part of their strategies, and the broad majority of these companies cite them as effective.”
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