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Legal Marketing Advice From Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSblog

Most lawyers dream of a successful practice in their area of choice/skill, the opportunity to handle interesting cases, and recognition as leaders in their field. Some lawyers understand that effective marketing plays a big role in achieving these goals – and others, as we’ve discussed in our “Why Lawyers Hate Marketing” series, don’t.

Thomas Goldstein has hit each of these benchmarks – he is a premier Supreme Court litigator, the author of the wildly popular SCOTUSblog, and is frequently sought out for his analysis and insight on Court issues – and he is a proponent of legal marketing. In a recent podcast with the ABA Journal, he explained how legal marketing activities helped him reach his current position, and offered advice to other lawyers on how to carve out a niche in the legal market.

The podcast discusses RFPs, personal relationships, marketing and developing a personal brand – it’s  most definitely worth taking thirty minutes to listen.   Out of those thirty minutes, the points that stuck out to most were Goldstein’s examination of why SCOTUSblog is so incredibly successful. For starters, the blog is clear in its mission. It is written by passionate, informed attorneys who set out to do one thing exceedingly well, rather than create a blog for the sake of having a web presence. Second, the blog isn’t designed to promote Goldstein and his firm. In fact, they specifically avoid talking about cases in which they are involved. Instead, SCOTUSblog focuses on imparting wisdom and serving the reader.

Goldstein’s advice applies to a wide range of business development and marketing activities. Whether it’s developing a blog, curating a Twitter feed, writing an article, making a PR push or embarking on another type of marketing initiative, attorneys most often achieve success when they focus on the areas for which they have passion, unique insight, and in which they can add the most value to consumers.

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