Business Development Lessons from Hannibal Lecter

This blog post originally appeared on the The Mad Clientist. “The answer is right in front of you…” —Hannibal Lecter to Clarice Starling, FBI Trainee, in The Silence of the Lambs The key to new business is right in front of you. The typical law firm has about 23% of the business they could be […]

A Few of My Favorite Tweets By Daniel Asencios

As a legal marketer, I’m not surprised by the number of law firms that have flocked to Twitter.  For one, it’s free—a bargain in and of itself—but it also serves as a versatile communications and distribution tool for sharing news, event information, and original content—think legal alerts, white papers, or articles—curated by your firm to […]

Building Your Law Firm’s Professional Reputation

We’ve covered the basic and advanced features of a great company page on LinkedIn for your law firm in our four previous posts. Once you have spent the time and energy to fill out your law firm’s profile, populate the services and careers information and invited your users. You’ll be interested in figuring out how […]

LinkedIn Features That Should Be Utilized by Your Law Firm

In our previous LinkedIn series post, we talked about the engagement side of your LinkedIn Company Page and some tactics to increase your followers. These all fit under the free features that LinkedIn offers to all users. There are also paid features that are available for emphasizing your content and furthering engagement and visibility in […]

Engaging Your Audience With Your Law Firm’s Content

Last post, we talked about how to add rich detail and informative subsections to your Company Page on LinkedIn. When your appearance is optimized this way, you are ready to bring an audience to your law firm’s content. Engage Your Followers Upon setting up your LinkedIn Company Page, you have to enable the page for […]

Deepening the Content of Your LinkedIn Company Page

In our first post, we covered the basics of your law firm’s LinkedIn Company Page. We are looking at ways to deepen the content of your Company Page so that visitors find information that gives a complete picture of what your firm has to offer. One way we’ve covered is to install an engaging graphic […]

Why Have a LinkedIn Company Page for Your Law Firm?

This post is the first of a five-part weekly series on how law firms can get the most out of LinkedIn through the use of Company Pages. If you have any questions regarding this content or have an interest in receiving in-depth LinkedIn training, please contact us at The Smyers Group. As always, your comments […]


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