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New Year’s Resolutions

More than two weeks into 2013, I’m pleased to report that I haven’t entirely abandoned my New Year’s Resolutions – fifteen days of being cheesecake-free! In addition to dessert-related goals, I’ve made some professional resolutions: I resolve to be more strategic in my thinking, to delegate responsibilities when appropriate, and to take a business writing […]

Why Lawyers Hate Marketing, Vol. 3

In our recent posts, “Why Lawyers Hate Marketing (Vol. 1 and 2)”, we’ve explored some of the reasons why some lawyers are uncomfortable with – or even detest – the concept of marketing themselves. Pain-points range from not having enough time to dedicate to marketing to believing a lawyer’s code of ethics inherently precludes them from marketing […]

Rumors of the Death of Direct Mail Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I do not have the following: an alarm clock set for Friday morning/Thursday night, a map of my local stores offering Black Friday specials, a battle plan for taking advantage of said deals or ANY intention of camping out in front of a Target to get a $3.00 iPad I do, however, have something I’ve never […]

How Writing Articles Is Like Networking

Networking and media relations have a few things in common. Both marketing tools will increase your visibility among potential clients, but they also can be a big waste of time if they’re not strategically executed. Although throwing spaghetti against the wall may sometimes result in something sticking, there are better ways to ensure results. The […]

ABA Ethics, Social Media and You

As the American Bar Association redefines their ethics rules to keep pace with the evolution of online marketing, it is  critical for legal marketers to be as aware of best ethics practices as we are about best marketing practices.   Today, Law Technology News (LTN) published their “Top Ten Tips to Keep Social Networking In Line With ABA Ethics,” a must-read […]

Tuesday Links: By The Numbers

7 Email Marketing Mistakes NOT To Make (Inc.) 3 Keys to Holding An Effective Meeting (strategy + business) 5 Factors Attorneys Need to Know about Social Media (Larry Bodine) 10 Tips for a Powerful Elevator Speech (Careerealism)

The Power Of Brevity

My architect father was invited to speak at my school’s Career Day each year.  He was invariably faced with a room full of architecture, design, building and engineering-minded seventeen year-olds who peppered him with questions about which classes to take in college, what grad schools were the best and what career advice he would offer […]

Branded Content Is The Next Big Thing (That’s What She Said)

LMA Virginias members Andrew K. Ryan and Mike C. Gray of Hellerman Baretz recently authored an article in Virginia Lawyers Weekly discussing ways to distinguish your firm through the use of  branded content.   Although we recommend reading the entire article for real-life examples and insight, some highlights are condensed below:  What is Branded Content, and […]


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