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Rumors of the Death of Direct Mail Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I do not have the following: an alarm clock set for Friday morning/Thursday night, a map of my local stores offering Black Friday specials, a battle plan for taking advantage of said deals or ANY intention of camping out in front of a Target to get a $3.00 iPad I do, however, have something I’ve never […]

Monday Musings: Online Info

Lawyer Biographies Are The Most Popular Website Content – Marketers Look to Video for Greater Brand Visibility – Brafton Marketing How Can A Law Firm Use Social Media to Deliver Client Service? – Real Lawyers Have Blogs New LinkedIn Features Helpful for Lawyers – How Lawyers Can Put Social In Their Social Media […]

Building A Brand Through Website Bios

As online branding becomes an increasingly significant factor in law firm marketing strategies, so too are lawyers’ online biographies. Legal marketers often assist lawyers in writing their website bios,  while also conforming to their firm’s style guidelines regarding consistency, length and content—a nearly impossible task. Some lawyers prefer a mile-long list of client matters and […]

Get Up On the Right Side of the Office

In late August, FastCompany (one of my favorite magazines/websites) posted the article “What Successful People Do With The First Hour of Their Workday.” Author Kevin Purdy asked successful individuals how they use the crucial first sixty minutes after arriving at the office.  Suggestions include:   1.  Don’t Check Email for the First Hour of Your Day:  FastCompany and […]

10 Tips for Writing A Successful Award Submission

There are dozens (and that’s putting it mildly) of law firm awards and accolades, not to mention the various lawyer profiles published by regional business journals and newspapers. In fact, some large law firms have dedicated staff members who are solely responsible to coordinating and writing award submissions—bless their hearts! To help ensure their efforts […]

Why Lawyers Hate Marketing, Vol. 2: How to Lead Those Who Resist

We’ve previously discussed some of the reasons lawyers offer as explanation for why they hate marketing – time constraints, fear of putting themselves ‘out there’, and the ever-popular “I didn’t go to law school to learn how to be a salesperson.”  Feelings are feelings, but picture this scenario:  you’re called into a meeting with a […]

FreeSources: JD For Free

A little while back, we talked about our upcoming series on “FreeSources,” free or low-cost tools to help legal marketers find information, learn about industry trends, and improve their ability to add value to their firms.  Our first edition is finally here, and we’re starting with the basics: free tools that you can use to […]

September Program: We’re Going to Tell You What IT’s All About

The proliferation of law firm apps, extranets, mobile sites, and podcasts demonstrates that law firms are    increasingly focused on providing technology-driven solutions to clients.  Strong partnerships between Marketing and Information Technology Departments are critical to the successful development and implementation of these marketing initiatives and strategic plans. The Virginias Chapter September 19th program will […]

You’re Not Just Imagining More RFPs…

Legal marketers and law firms see signs of the current economic climate everywhere—particularly when it comes to developing new business and keeping/expanding client relationships.  The results of a recent LexisNexis survey illustrate the effect that shrinking legal budgets have on the RFP process: more RFPs issued by companies, a greater emphasis on savings and value, […]

Why No One Reads Your Law Blog

Law firms, both large and small, have jumped on the blogging bandwagon as a way to market their lawyers as thought-leaders.  When executed with strategic discipline, a blog can be a cost-effective way to maintain relevance in a particular area of law (preaches the blogger). Legal marketers increasingly recommend blogging to their lawyers and are […]


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