Pitches and RFPs

Legal Marketing Advice From Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSblog

Most lawyers dream of a successful practice in their area of choice/skill, the opportunity to handle interesting cases, and recognition as leaders in their field. Some lawyers understand that effective marketing plays a big role in achieving these goals – and others, as we’ve discussed in our “Why Lawyers Hate Marketing” series, don’t. Thomas Goldstein […]

You’re Not Just Imagining More RFPs…

Legal marketers and law firms see signs of the current economic climate everywhere—particularly when it comes to developing new business and keeping/expanding client relationships.  The results of a recent LexisNexis survey illustrate the effect that shrinking legal budgets have on the RFP process: more RFPs issued by companies, a greater emphasis on savings and value, […]

Alternative Fee Arrangements: Here To Stay

The recent financial crisis and ensuing economic uncertainty have caused law firm clients to scrutinize budgets and competitive pricing more than ever.  As a result, the legal industry has become increasingly familiar with alternative fee arrangements and demonstrating value. In the most recent “Law Firms In Transition” study released by legal consulting group Altman Weil, […]


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