What CME Taught Me

We can’t play it cool any longer: the Virginias Chapter is really excited about the October 19th Continuing Marketing Education (CME) conference.  We know how great the programming was in 2011, and we know that this year’s program is shaping up to be even more dynamic.   We also know that budgets and time are tight, […]

Why Lawyers Hate Marketing (Volume 1)

Some lawyers are natural-born rainmakers. They are savvy networkers, eloquent writers, and engaging speakers. Others acquire such marketing skills through years of practice and by observing their peers in action. Then there are lawyers—no, then there are people— who have an unbending aversion to market themselves or their business. Let’s face it, some lawyers just […]

It Was Acme Widgets, In The Eastern District with Trademark Infringement: Little-Known Google Tools for Legal Marketers

Some firms are lucky enough to have librarians who assist with research projects, and others offer access to sophisticated services that can help accommodate crazy (or even simple) requests.  Sometimes, though, it’s just you, Google and a deadline. What would you do if one of your attorneys asked you to find the phone number of […]

How To Make Your Online Marketing Efforts Make Your Firm Money

Disclaimer:  I copied the title of Jay Fleischman’s blog post because he picked the most concise, convincing and direct approach possible.  Why mess with perfection? In his post on LegalPractice Pro, Jay Fleischman, provides attorneys (and legal marketers) with straightforward advice on monetizing online marketing efforts, some of which are relevant to non-digital marketing efforts […]

Thank You Notes

Last week, a package arrived at my office from Bloomingdale’s.  It was no surprise -  I had ordered the items a few days earlier and anxiously tracked their arrival from the distribution center to my office.  When I opened the box, I was greeted with this card: Not only did it give me pause (and […]

Tuesday Links: By The Numbers

7 Email Marketing Mistakes NOT To Make (Inc.) 3 Keys to Holding An Effective Meeting (strategy + business) 5 Factors Attorneys Need to Know about Social Media (Larry Bodine) 10 Tips for a Powerful Elevator Speech (Careerealism)

The Power Of Brevity

My architect father was invited to speak at my school’s Career Day each year.  He was invariably faced with a room full of architecture, design, building and engineering-minded seventeen year-olds who peppered him with questions about which classes to take in college, what grad schools were the best and what career advice he would offer […]

Branded Content Is The Next Big Thing (That’s What She Said)

LMA Virginias members Andrew K. Ryan and Mike C. Gray of Hellerman Baretz recently authored an article in Virginia Lawyers Weekly discussing ways to distinguish your firm through the use of  branded content.   Although we recommend reading the entire article for real-life examples and insight, some highlights are condensed below:  What is Branded Content, and […]

Seven Steps to Incredible Personal Productivity

At the moment, I’m attempting to distill my to do list into a weekly update for my boss.  It’s not going well.  Why?  Well, the items on the list fall under all sorts of categories: Five Minute Projects All-Encompassing Projects PR-related Projects Tight Deadline Projects Practice Development Projects Been-On-My-To-Do-List-Forever Projects Writing Projects Event Coordination Projects […]


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