Building A Brand Through Website Bios

As online branding becomes an increasingly significant factor in law firm marketing strategies, so too are lawyers’ online biographies. Legal marketers often assist lawyers in writing their website bios,  while also conforming to their firm’s style guidelines regarding consistency, length and content—a nearly impossible task. Some lawyers prefer a mile-long list of client matters and […]

Tuesday Links: By The Numbers

7 Email Marketing Mistakes NOT To Make (Inc.) 3 Keys to Holding An Effective Meeting (strategy + business) 5 Factors Attorneys Need to Know about Social Media (Larry Bodine) 10 Tips for a Powerful Elevator Speech (Careerealism)

LMA Event: The Importance of Mobile Websites to Your Brand

Quick.  Look around.  Your smartphone is probably within reach…if not in your hands already, right?  A recent study showed that not only do the majority of Americans own smartphones, but they are increasingly using those phones to solve problems as they arise. What if those problems are legal in nature?  Is your firm’s website ready […]


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