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Five Tips For Making It Rain

Law360, one of my favorite resources for legal industry news and information, had an interesting article yesterday, titled “Five Tips For Making It Rain.” Featuring advice from successful rainmakers, the article frames the advice we’ve all heard (and given) in relatable, attorney-focused language.  Key points: Identify Networks Strategically Play to Your Personal Strengths Sell the […]

Why Lawyers Hate Marketing, Vol. 3

In our recent posts, “Why Lawyers Hate Marketing (Vol. 1 and 2)”, we’ve explored some of the reasons why some lawyers are uncomfortable with – or even detest – the concept of marketing themselves. Pain-points range from not having enough time to dedicate to marketing to believing a lawyer’s code of ethics inherently precludes them from marketing […]

Friday Flash: Fortune’s Fastest

Fortune magazine released its list of “100 Fastest-Growing Companies” this week.  What an unexpectedly great resource for legal marketers! Looking over the list, a few thoughts came to my mind: Which of these companies does my firm already represent? Of those companies, are there any clues in the article about areas of opportunity for relationship expansion? […]


Raise your hand if you’re guilty of any of the following: Spending an inordinate amount of time on Google trying to access an article hidden behind a paywall? Signing up to receive daily alerts in exchange for information about a particular client? “Listening” to a sales pitch for a week of free access to an […]

Why Lawyers Hate Marketing (Volume 1)

Some lawyers are natural-born rainmakers. They are savvy networkers, eloquent writers, and engaging speakers. Others acquire such marketing skills through years of practice and by observing their peers in action. Then there are lawyers—no, then there are people— who have an unbending aversion to market themselves or their business. Let’s face it, some lawyers just […]

Speaker Series: Continuing Marketing Education – Felice Wagner

This week’s featured CME speaker is Felice Wagner, Chief Business Development Officer at Sutherland, who discusses various aspects of both business development and professional development. We are only a few weeks away from the Continuing Marketing Education Conference on October 14, so please register now if you haven’t already: http://www.lmavirginiascme.com/ Speaker: Felice Wagner, Sutherland Program: […]


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