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How Writing Articles Is Like Networking

Networking and media relations have a few things in common. Both marketing tools will increase your visibility among potential clients, but they also can be a big waste of time if they’re not strategically executed. Although throwing spaghetti against the wall may sometimes result in something sticking, there are better ways to ensure results. The [...]

ABA Ethics, Social Media and You

As the American Bar Association redefines their ethics rules to keep pace with the evolution of online marketing, it is  critical for legal marketers to be as aware of best ethics practices as we are about best marketing practices.   Today, Law Technology News (LTN) published their “Top Ten Tips to Keep Social Networking In Line With ABA Ethics,” a must-read [...]

5 Best Practices for Professional Networking on LinkedIn

With approximately 161 million users around the world, including lawyers, LinkedIn has become the largest online professional network. Inevitably, more lawyers are turning to their marketing department to offer best practices for networking on the site. While most LinkedIn users understand the site is meant for professional networking, even well-intended users can make common social [...]


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